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RoYal Me K Beauty and Wellness is a professional cosmetology licensed and certified company.  Providing a private sanitary and safe environment. We focus on our clients goals and needs one on one. A well trusted company that offers the best update all natural ingredient for our hair removal service which is sugar waxing as well as foot detox. Sugar waxing removes unwanted hair from intimate areas, facial areas, and any limbs of the body . With our painless quick foot detox you will experience an immediately release from the body of toxins. Aiding the body to have good results that contribute to better health balancing your PH, vaginal health, yeast , blood clots, detoxifying from the liver, lungs, tobacco, cellular debris, detoxifying from liver, gallbladder, lymphatic system, lymph nodes , detoxifying from joints, arteries, female prostate area and unitary tract and release of heavy metals. Our hair goals as you guess is healthy hair first. As you scroll the service session you will see option that offer healthy hair services as well as protective styles such as hair extensions.

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